class etiquette

Arrive a few minutes before class begins.
Please turn off your cell phones.
Please leave your shoes at the door.
Wear comfortable clothes.
Eat your last meal 3-4 hours before. Don’t drink any liquids half an hour before class.
It is appreciated that all students wear natural deodorant, no jewelry and clean clothing to class. A clean yogi is a happy yogi.
Doors are open 30’ before and after class.
Notify the teacher of any injury you may have prior to the start of class.
Samos Yoga Shala takes no responsibility for personal property left in the studio.
Samos Yoga Shala remains closed on Holidays.
Samos Yoga Shala can remain closed after prewarning students due to educational purposes.
You are not allowed to chat in the practice area. Save it for the lobby.
Enter with an open mind and heart.
Yoga is for everyone
Gender, age, color, weight does not matter
Bring with you: a mat, bottle of water, towel
Respect meditation

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